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Floor Tile and Grout is cleaned with our Proprietary Professional Grout Cleaning Products to restore them to a like new condition.

The Clean Grout can then be Preserved and/or Restored with our Clear Grout Sealer, Color Sealer or our Exclusive Restoration Sealer.

Our Clear and Color Sealers are guaranteed for one (1) year and Our Exclusive Restoration Sealer is guaranteed for ten (10) years.

When regularly cleaning floors, it is important to not use products that are harmful to the sealser.  We recommend a non-acidic cleaner to obtain the maximum life of the sealer.   The Groutsmith offeres two tyes of non-acidic cleaners; Our GOLD, which is a spray on/wipe off pH balanced maintenance cleaner, & our GREEN, which is a deep cleaner.  NO ACIDS.


When can I walk on my floor?

Once work is completed, we recommend a wait time of 4 hours.  At that time, normal use is possible without any risk.   Floors should not be cleaned with liquids for at least 3 days, & no heavy or deep cleaning for at least 30 days.

If grout is repaired or tile replaced, we recommend staying off the repaired area for a minimum of 24 hours to avoid any tile movement.

Most jobs are completed within 1 day, unless repairs are necessary.  That would require 2 trips which need to be spaced about 5 days apart to allow time to cure.

What about my children, family, and pets?

Groutsmith uses environmentally safe products that should not cause problems for your children, family, or pets.

Price: Please call for pricing

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