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The old caulking is removed and new Color Matched Caulking is professionally installed to seal joints and seams in Showers, Bathtubs, Vanities, Sinks and Countertops. Our siliconized acrylic caulks are resistant to mold and mildew. 90 day warranty on caulking.

Cracking & splitting occurs for a variety of reasons; significant temperature changes, exccessive vibrations in your home, too much flex in th materials surrounding the caulk, etc.  If you find yourself experiencing this type of deterioration within 90 days of completion, please give us a call to address the issue.

Improperly installed products, poor ventilation, and improper cleaning and maintenance are the primary causes of unsightly mold in bathroom areas.  Mold & mildew can grow on caulking when an area is wet for too long.  There is no such thing as mildew or mold-proof caulk, only mildew/mold resistant.  Ideally, wet areas should dry out copletely at least once a week to minimize any mildew or mold growth.

Routine caulk replacement can:

  • prevent health issues caused by mold
  • Prevent water from leaking outside of your tiled area.
  • Drastically improve or completely change the look of an existing tub, shower, sink or backsplash

The caulk used in your bathroom and/or kitchen protects the wall behind it and the sub-floor below it from water damage. It is a good practice to periodically replace old caulk and recaulk joints between the tiles and your tub, shower, sink, or any place two planes of tile or two different construction products come together.

Another good reason to recaulk is to remove the black mold that sometimes grows in and behind the caulking.  Properly installed caulk can be damaged by improperly scrubbing or acidic prodcuts.  Damaged caulk allows moisture to have an open path to substructures and promotes the growth of mold.  Recaulking should be considered in your annual bathroom maintenance checklist.

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